The Story of a Photographer

I get to dance with my soulmate and I am a mother of two beautiful humans that have all shown me the meaning of unconditional love. They are the reason I choose to live my life full of passion in everything I do. Photography is a creative expression of that and I love capturing the essence of someone's character and spirit. I don't just take pictures, I tell a story and get to depict the true authenticity of others. What a wonderful experience to offer someone- a poem of their soul captured in an image they can keep for a lifetime.

I have been a Photographer, Hairstylist and makeup artist for over 20+ years. My experience has taken me all over the US and I have had the opportunity to meet and network with amazing individuals and entrepreneurs. You will most likely catch me reading a book, shopping online, crafting, meditating, or doting my daughter off to soccer practice. Life is too short, so love with all you've got, embrace the journey and live it loud with no apologies or regrets!

“I will encourage you to be silly, weird, emotional, raw and even vulnerable at times, and not because I expect it but because that's who I am and I naturally bring that out in others”