Jemma-D offers a luxurious experience from professional hair/makeup, to the boudoir closet, and to the high quality prints and services. Everything you envisioned your boudoir session to be, we have covered all the little details. An experience that not only helps you embrace and love your body, but allows you to step out of the everyday hustle and bustle of being a mom, a wife, or even a girl boss. Its also about finding a photographer that not only fits your style but also is going to capture you in a way that is flattering and authentic. I always tell my clients " If you don't feel comfortable walking around naked by the end of the session- I haven't done my job". The way you feel about yourself and the comfort level you have with your photographer will show in your images. Make sure your experience is one to remember! Contact Jemma-D to schedule a free 15 min consultation.

Reveal Your Moxie

Moxie ~ a word that describes Courage, Force of Character, Nerve or Determination

This VIP group is created to build confidence and empower women to feel comfortable in their own skin. A safe place for present and future clients to ask questions about Boudoir: poses, what to wear, hair & makeup, etc. I know that this can be nerve wrecking or even intimidating, but there is so much advice and direction offered that all you will have time to do is have fun and enjoy your liberating experience. VIP perks: First dibs on model calls, mini sessions, new set ups, giveaways, and more...

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